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A dying man must use his out of body existence to save his life before THE LIGHT takes him.

Director's Statement

I’m a fan of Lovecraft's mythology, including the legend of Cthulhu. In those stories, it’s guaranteed unimaginable doom. Human minds can’t quite grasp the horror because it's at such a cosmic scale. All they know is humanity will not benefit from its encounter.

The difference between those stories and this film is when our character encounters the light, he doesn't get to know what’s on the other side. In life, we may have beliefs by faith or by what observable science can tell us but the truth is no one living knows what happens during and after death. It is the greatest awe inspiring mystery we've ever known in human existence.

The story also looks at the supposition of wonder and dread. The sun is the largest ball of radioactive fire in our solar system but the same sun rises every morning for an awe inspiring sunrise.  The fear and awe when one encounters something that much bigger than themselves is the experience this cosmic thriller explores.

This story is an agnostic Lovecraft story in which the character encounters the beauty and awe of death and rather than face the unknown, tries to delay it as long as they can...just like the rest of us.

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