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Every filmmaker has heard the phrase, "Write what you know," but
what happens when it's taken too far? A filmmaker suffering from
writer’s block on his murder mystery feature film takes the advice
“write what you know” too literally.

Director's Statement

When I tell people I am a filmmaker, they have one of two reactions. They either say something along the lines of “oh, you’re a starving artist” or they tell me their “idea” for a movie which is rarely a full story or even a logline.


Most of the time it’s something like, “it’s Legally Blonde meets the Matrix” or my favorite, “the twist would be…..”.

I made this short, Writer’s Block, so we as a film community could laugh together at this insane pursuit we call filmmaking.


I wanted to create comedy out of our pretension and the common things we are told by outsiders everyday. More importantly, I wanted to recognize we as filmmakers all have the same fears and insecurities and that’s okay. Writer's Block is an invitation to let our guard down and not take our artistic aspirations so damn seriously.

Writer's Block.jpg
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